Thursday, March 10, 2011

New music from Let's Wrestle - "Dear John"

Continuing what has to be Merge Records busiest year, the trio of U.K. lads known as Let's Wrestle are gearing up to release their sophomore album. Their debut, In the Court of the Wrestling Let's, was just released stateside by Merge in March 2010, though it had been out in the U.K. since 2009.

The new album's title is less of a tongue twister, known simply as Nursing Home. The album is said to be heavier than their debut, which could be in part since it was recorded with famed indie engineer Steve Albini. Download the song "Dear John" from the album below, which is certainly darker.

Merge will release Nursing Home on May 17. Check out the album's track list below. We'll keep you posted when the band announces U.S. dates in support of it.

Let's Wrestle - "Dear John" (mp3)

Nursing Home track list

1. In Dreams Part II
2. If I Keep on Loving You
3. In the Suburbs
4. Bad Mamories
5. Dear John
6. For My Mother
7. I'm So Lazy
8. There's a Rockstar in My Room
9. I Forgot
10. I Am Useful
11. I Will Not Give In
12. Getting Rest

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