Monday, March 07, 2011

Superchunk slay sold out Cat's Cradle crowd

All photos by Kevin Norris
Veteran indie rockers Superchunk came back to the Cat's Cradle Friday and played a fiery, 23-song set that blew the roof off of the club.

The band opened with "Learned To Surf" and rolled through a set featuring new songs from Majesty Shredding as well as tons of classics and deeper cuts from the band's more than twenty year career.

The Durham show at Nasher Museum last July was fantastic, but the Cat's Cradle seems to bring out the beast in the band. Mac prowls the stage with fury, repeatedly jumping up on the drum riser and showing off his Pete Townshend windmills.

Some older tunes including the fan request "Silver Leaf and Snowy Tears" and the 1991 single "The Breadman" made it into the set. The groovy little pop song "Martinis on the Roof" from the 1997 album Indoor Living was also a nice addition it the set.

During the band's two encores, it was hit after hit, starting off with "Like a Fool" and "Hyper Enough." The band was then joined by tour manager Matthew Barnhart on guitar for a cover of Misfits' "Where Eagles Dare." Without his guitar, Mac bounded around the stage like a madman.

The second encore was entirely from No Pocky For Kitty and On the Mouth, featuring "Punch Me Harder," "Cast Iron," Precision Auto" and "Throwing Things." It was a hell of a close to a great night.

Carrboro duo Veelee opened the show, with a sharp set of droning tunes, broken up by a lively crowd of friends who heckled the band and each other between songs. The quirky "When You Gonna Come Home?" was a highlight of the set. Veelee are definitely an act worth checking out.

Superchunk set list
Learned To Surf
My Gap Feels Weird
Detroit Has a Skyline
Cursed Mirror
Rope Light
Silver Leaf and Snowy Tears
The Question is How Fast
The Breadman
Crossed Wires
Digging For Something
Driveway To Driveway
The First Part
Martinis on the Roof
Slack Motherfucker
Everything at Once
Like a Fool
Hyper Enough
Where Eagles Dare
Punch Me Harder
Cast Iron
Precision Auto
Throwing Things



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