Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Album Review: Hey Rosetta! - Seeds

Most times listeners are left to guess at the motivations of artists, but the inspiration behind Hey Rosetta’s! Seeds is pretty explicit.

The album’s liner notes encourage to support “sustainable farms,” and to buy, “organic seeds and produce,” and included is small piece of paper embedded with seeds ready for planting. It’s clear Hey Rosetta! doesn’t want anyone missing the metaphors in their music.

Every song on Seeds starts small and grows. Sometimes they grow into epics and other times they bloom into more delicate compositions.

The song arrangements border on brilliant. The dynamics and orchestrations never feel forced. The strings and other orchestral instruments aren’t tacked on for effect; they are integral for every song. Hey Rosetta! mix rock and roll with classical as well as any band.

Spring and light are common motifs and rebirth is a common theme in the lyrics. “I feel the light and I’m ready to be out in it,” sings lead singer Tim Baker on “Yer Spring.”

Standout tracks on Seeds tend to gather at the beginning and end of the album. This creates a bit of a sag in the middle, but it’s nothing that will prevent the listener from making it to the bouncy build of “Yer Fall” and the mesmerizing intro to “Parson Brown.”

The clear themes and soaring climaxes make Seeds accessible and give it a lot of crossover appeal. It’s not hard to imagine listeners with mainstream or indie tastes enjoying it.

Hey Rosetta! will be at the Pour House with Songs of Water and Wind and Willow on March 23.

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