Friday, August 05, 2011

Photos & video: The Brewery is demolished

Photos by Kevin Norris
On Tuesday afternoon (August 2), I swung by the The Brewery on Hillsborough Street to see the remains of the Raleigh landmark. I snapped a few photos which you can see to the right and below. It appears that some of the debris had already been cleared before I got there.

A number of people were on hand earlier that day to witness the building's destruction and a a video of it made its way to YouTube. It's really something to see, especially after the 2:30 mark. That's when it gets serious. Check it out below.

As of Wednesday (August 3), construction fencing had already gone up and the lot was being cleared, which isn't that surprising considering how quickly this whole thing happened. Check out our previous post about the venue closing HERE.

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How did they dispose of the sweat?