Monday, August 29, 2011

Cat's Cradle undergoing major renovations, hosting free show

Construction crews have been busy at Carrboro's venerable music venue over the past week, and folks showing up for The Hold Steady's big show at the Cat's Cradle on Wednesday evening, August 31,  are going to be among the first to see some of the venue's major changes.

The first and most obvious change as you walk up to the building is the location of its door, which is moving down a sidewalk around the right side of the building. Patrons will now enter the main room from behind as opposed to entering right next to the stage (and ignoring the "no standing" area painted on the floor).

Inside, many of the risers around the stage are being removed, as well as the two poles that block sight lines to the stage. The stage and green room are getting an upgrade and sprinklers are being added to the ceiling as a safety precaution.

The changes are going to be dramatic and will hopefully lead to an even better concert-going experience and draw even more great bands to the Carrboro institution.

As a way of saying thanks for local support over the last 25 years, and to introduce concertgoers with the club's new layout, the Cradle will host a free show this Thursday, Sept. 1, to allow fans to check out the new and improved space. The Old Ceremony and The Tomahawks will perform. The show starts at 9 p.m. and the (new) door opens at 8 p.m.

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cb said...

I guess I should probably withhold comment until after I see the final product, but what would the internet be without uninformed opinions?

I was at the Cradle for the first Archers show and was pretty disappointed. The room felt a lot less cozy without the risers/wall in the back, and something about the sound seemed really off. As the description of the renovations continues, it sounds like we'll be left even more with just a big box without any personality. If you read the Indy article, the goal was to increase capacity so people can be crammed in all the way back to the bar area. Of course, good luck seeing anything from all the way back there without any elevation change on the floor.

I guess this just helps to open the door for places like Motorco to host the shows for which the Cradle will now be a little bit too large.