Thursday, August 18, 2011

This week's Local Band Local Beer: The Charming Youngsters, Goodbye, Titan & Lake Isle

With a new school year kicking in and Chris Tamplin back booking the shows at Tir Na Nog, we're reviving our weekly posts about the free Local Band Local Beer series every Thursday night.

Tonight's show, August 18, will feature Triangle bands The Charming Youngsters and Goodbye Titan and Greensboro band Lake Isle. Things, like always, will get started around 9 p.m.

Stream the latest release from The Charming Youngsters, Fortescue EP, via the widget below. Stream music from Goodbye, Titan and Lake Isle below too.

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VariousArtist said...

love the LBLB series. Apparently the band who just opened for GirlTalk is playing LBLB Sep15.. they just dropped a video hope the readers/listeners like