Monday, February 28, 2011

The Get Up Kids mix classics with new tunes at the Cradle

All photos by Kevin Norris
Kansas quintet The Get Up Kids rolled into Carrboro Sunday night with their newly released album There Are Rules. The band had some stiff competition in the area, with UNC playing Maryland at the Dean Dome at the same time, but about 300 people showed up at the Cat's Cradle ready to rock.

The set featured a hefty dose of new material, kicking off with the new album's opening track "Tithe." It was one of seven new tunes that were played during the night, which at many times, seemed to fall a bit flat on the audience, likely because they lack the hooks and pop charm of the band's previous albums.

The crowd stayed excited as the band ripped through seven songs from their most celebrated release, 1999's Something To Write Home About. The band played their old tunes with fervor and sprinkled in tunes from their other releases including "The One You Want," "Woodson" and "Overdue."

Frontman Matt Pryor reminisced about the band's history in the Triangle, mentioning that the band played the old Go! Room 4 in Carrboro in the 1990s. For those who don't remember the venue, it was a groovy little place to see a show (the Reservoir is in the same building now).

For the encore, the band ripped through The Replacements' "Beer For Breakfast," featured on The Get Up Kids b-sides and rarities compilation Eudora. It was followed by the rip-roarin' "Holiday" before slowing down with "I'll Catch You," in which Matt Pryor laughed through the first lyrics as guitarist Jim Suptic had gear trouble.

The night closed with a raucous performance of "Ten Minutes," in which a "mosh pit" was started by a young guy in a tucked in white shirt, tie and kakis who was probably about ten years old when mosh pits originally fell out of favor. It was fairly funny to witness from the side bench.

Set list
Action and Action
The One You Want
Regent's Court
Red Letter Day
Keith Case
I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel
Shatter Your Lungs
Close To Home
Holy Roman
Campfire Kansas
Don't Hate Me
Walking on a Wire
Beer For Breakfast
I'll Catch You
Ten Minutes

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