Monday, February 07, 2011

Album Review: Veelee - The Future Sight

The debut album from Chapel Hill’s Veelee is a clinic in how to use repetition effectively in music.

The repetition begins with the album art of The Future Sight. The same photo is repeated seven times and each time it’s sightly shifted. The sixth and seven repetitions reveal something new: the name of the band and the album.

Veelee’s music unravels itself in a similar way. The seven songs vary nicely from track to track, but all share in the use of repetition. They start with persistent rhythms in the drums and often end in hypnotic, droning vocals. Throughout each song guitar and various percussion instruments augment the listener’s perception ever so slightly.

The results inspire obsession. It becomes a part of the listener. It’s easy to play The Future Sight over and over because the ear needs to understand the album’s rhythms inside and out. It’s like when the tongue needs to lick a new filling over and over to become familiar with the tooth’s new addition.

Incredibly, the album sounds cohesive yet every track on the can stand on its own. The focal point is the six and a half minute “Animal Dreams.” It’s the song most easy to get lost in, but “Line” and the tranquil “Regret/No Regret” come close.

Veelee’s able to pick up the tempo and the volume on “When You Gonna Come Home?” and the almost anthemic “Amber” giving the album some extra energy.

Most debut records deliver only potential and promises. On The Future Sight, Veelee made no promises and delivered on their potential immediately.

Veelee will play Kings on February 13 with Motor Skills and Cat's Cradle on March 4 opening for Superchunk.

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