Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Richard Buckner releasing 'Our Blood' in August

Softspoken singer-songwriter Richard Buckner will return this summer with his first new album since 2006's Meadow. The long delay for the album stems from a random series of unfortunate events including the death of his tape machine and then the stealing of the laptop containing new recordings.

The new music was finally pieced back together and patched up and is titled Our Blood. It will be released on August 2 via Merge Records. It features nine new tracks, including the opening track "Traitor," which you can download below.

Also, check out a video below of Buckner performing the songs "Collusion" & "Ponder" from the new album on his recent tour with Sebadoh. The video is from a show in Cleveland Heights, OH on April 4.

Richard Buckner - "Traitor" (mp3)

Our Blood track list
1. Traitor
2. Escape
3. Thief
4. Collusion
5. Ponder
6. Witness
7. Confession
8. Hindsight
9 . Gang

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