Friday, May 06, 2011

Album Review: Birds and Arrows - We're Gonna Run

Chapel Hill's Birds and Arrows spread their wings (pun intended), creating a lush, melancholy vibe on their sophomore album We're Gonna Run.

The band has a knack for writing fantastic, simple folk songs, then expand them into moody, ethereal compositions that make them special.

The album opens with "Time Alone," starting with guitar feedback into an organ, before charging in with drums and a driving cello line. The song rides the line between folk rock and mellow pop beautifully between the verses and choruses.

The voices of Andrea and Pete Connolly blend together so well and are a signature element to the band. No matter who's on lead, the other is there to lift the vocals with a nice harmony.

The album has a somber vibe, none more prevalent than on "Weeping Willow." Pete's vocals are sorrowful and the weeping cello parts only add to the feeling.

That same feeling is found in "Summer's Gone," which is one of the new times that Andrea's voice stands alone throughout much of the song. The song ends in a wall of swirling strings, vocals and guitars before coming to sudden stop.

What stands out most on We're Gonna Run is a fullness to the band's sound that doesn't come off as much live. The care which was taken to record these songs is clear, making even familiar live songs spring forth with new life.

Birds and Arrows will celebrate the release of We're Gonna Run on Saturday, May 6, at Local 506 with Gray Young and Justin & the Mary Annettes.

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