Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Huguenots split up, work together on other projects

Just a month after finally releasing their self-titled debut album, the local lads of The Hugenots are calling it a day. It's certainly a bummer for a band who have a great deal of potential and for which there had been already been rumblings about a possible follow-up EP.

The split is not a big surprise though, since the band has never been incredibly active, disappearing for long stretches of time, one of those being after the initial round of shows to support the album release. Members of the band have also been very active in a number of other groups recently.

Sam Logan and William Moose play together in new band Lilac Shadows as well as Missy Thangs' band Soft Company. Logan is also a member of the band Towers, which is just emerging in the Triangle scene.

Towers will open for Lost in the Trees at the Cat's Cradle on Friday, May 13. Soft Company will perform at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill on Friday, June 3.


Adam Kincaid said...

Sad. They were a great band to see live. Here is an interview I did just over a month ago with York Howie, founding member of the group:

Jeremy Blair said...

its not easy to write HOOKS, and that's what they did. tis a shame. ...but looking forward to their next projects

Jeremy Blair said...

its not easy to write HOOKS, and that's what they did...write HOOKS. tis a shame,...but looking forward to their next projects.