Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Album Review: Sloan - The Double Cross

Canadian power-pop icons Sloan celebrated their 20th anniversary this year which coincides with their tenth full-length studio album, The Double Cross.

From the opening rocker "Follow the Leader" to the downtempo closer "Laying So Low," the album features the catchy melodies and sharp arrangements which have been key to Sloan's success over the years.

"The Answer is You" is one of the best tracks on the album, featuring Queen-like grandeur including sweeping strings and a soaring and a bit theatrical melody.

Many of the tracks waste no time. Seven out of twelve get in and out in less than two and half minutes, which is all the time Sloan needs to plant a hook in the listener's head. The blistering "I've Gotta Know" clocks in at just 1:22.

The shimmering pop of "Your Daddy Will Do" and the driving, syncopated rhythm of "Beverly Terrace" make for standout tracks on an album full of solid songs.

The members of Sloan may be older, but with their original lineup still intact after all of these years, quite a feat in-and-of itself, they've produced a fantastic album in The Double Cross. They sound fresh and vibrant, which certainly can't be said of all bands who've been around as long as they have.

The Double Cross is out now on Yep Roc Records.

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