Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Love Language rock Duke Gardens, play new tunes

The Love Language are a band that get better and better the longer they play together, and I guess that's how it should be. The septet got down to business at Duke Gardens Wednesday night, rocking through all of the songs from their self-titled debut and even playing a handful of new songs.

The now set staple, "Blue Angel" made an appearance again and the band closed a cover of the 60's tune "Hey Mary Lou," made famous by Ricky Nelson. You can listen to a demo of it now on the band's MySpace page.

The show was a local send-off for the band, who is hitting the road on July 25 for a two week tour with Cursive. But fear not, the band will be back home in August and will play a free show with Lost in the Trees in Chapel Hill on August 20. The show is part of the Locally Grown series we wrote about last month.

[all photos by Kevin Norris]

Set list:
Two Rabbits
Brittany's Back
Night Dogs
Blue angel
This Blood is Our Own
A Season For the Both of Us
Hello Mary Lou

("Sparxxx" was in there somewhere too. Thanks to Stuart McLamb for giving us the titles of the new songs.)


Anonymous said...

This was an incredible show with a lot of (now) new fans I bet!

Anonymous said...

The last song was a cover of "Hello Mary Lou" an old tune from the early 60's made famous by Ricky Nelson

Jeremy Blair said...

i missed this cause out of town but i bet they played their new one "Brittany's Back" which is the one Jordan gets on the floor tom for...very fleetwood mac-ish style new favorite.

Stuart said...

the two new songs after "nocturne" were "this blood is our own" and "a season for the both of us". we had a blast last night. thanks to everyone who made it out! i love the crowd pic because i recognize like 8 people....


Eric said...

i've got HD videos of the whole set and will post them eventually to youtube. The Love Language knock me out every time I see them. That cool record label, which shall not be named for fear of jinxing, that is going to put out the next record is lucky to have them. Cursive fans better show up early if they want to get more than their money's worth.

Esan Man said...

Good job man!