Monday, July 27, 2009

XX Merge night 4 at Cat's Cradle: The Ladybug Transistor

Third on the schedule on night four of XX Merge at the Cat's Cradle was The Ladybug Transistor. The set saw the return of bassist Julia Rydholm who played on Friday with The Essex Green. The band played great set of melodic pop songs which included the song "Always on the Telephone."

Frontman Gary Olson played some trumpet and well as guitar and singing lead vocals. Olson popped up on trumpet during Spent's set on Friday and Annie Hayden of Spent returned the favor by joining Ladybug Transistor on backing vocals for two songs. The group pleased the Cradle crowd, setting them up for the should-be headliner M. Ward who followed. More on that later.

Check out photos of The Ladybug Transistor below. More coverage of night four and coverage of night five is coming soon.

[all photos by Kevin Norris]

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