Monday, April 12, 2010

Video: Megafaun plays Take Away Show or Take Away Sermon

The lads of Megafaun are making a lot of noise lately. We just brought you their new song "Volunteers" on Friday and now the band's very own "Take Away Show" has gone up. The performance was filmed in Montreal and features guests musicians Martin Anderson (of Trekky Records), Sharon Van Etten and Elizabeth Powell (of Land of Talk).

Hijinks ensue when drummer Joe Westerlund dawns Jesus-esque robes and intervenes on a fuzzy dice craps game before launching into "His Robe." West Side Story style finger snaps follow as the band then picks up their instruments at a cafe.

The other two songs featured, which are more straightforward performances are "Tides" and "Volunteers." The latter sounds as amazing as the recorded version. It's just a breathtaking tune. Enjoy the videos below.

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