Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jakob Dylan and Three Legs cancels Cat's Cradle show

Jakob Dylan and his band Three Legs (featuring Neko Case and Kelly Hogan) were set to play the Cat's Cradle on Tuesday, May 18, but it's been canceled. The show was announced less than two weeks ago and no reason has been given so far about the cancellation.

I'm not sure if tickets had gone on sale for the show yet, but if they did, refunds will be available at the point of purchase.

It's not much of a conciliation for those who were planning to go to the show, but you can check out Dylan and Three Legs' four-song Interface performance featuring the songs "Nothing But the Whole Wide World," "Everybody's Hurting," "Holy Rollers For Love" and "They've Trapped Us Boys" right here. They sound pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

I think the show was canceled because Neko Case dropped out to tour with The New Pornographers instead. Several shows on Jakob's tour had to be canceled shortly after being announced.