Friday, April 09, 2010

Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Sol Driven Train set Pour House afire

The Pour House opened its doors last night to Charleston-based Sol Driven Train and Greensboro boys Holy Ghost Tent Revival. The evening’s torrential rain and frequent lightning were visible through the windows over the stage, but not a single person cared (except perhaps maybe those who, like me, parked their pollen-coated cars in the parking garage). Inside was warm and cozy, full of great music played by fabulous musicians.

Sol Driven Train, who most notably opened for Squirrel Nut Zippers back in December, began the show with their unique sound blend of jazz and jam-band. High points included a beautiful rendition of The Avett Brothers’ “Weight of Lies” and the most intriguing tribute to long underwear I have ever heard (“Long Johns,” dedicated to a girl in the audience who could not have been more than six years old). Perhaps the strongest part of Sol Driven Train’s set was when each member grabbed a different kind of drum, resulting in a powerful, nearly indescribable piece that you have to experience to understand completely.

Sol Driven Train may have warmed up the crowd with their impressive drum line, but it was Holy Ghost Tent Revival who really got the party started. This sextet of young men has truly stepped out on their own into the North Carolina music scene. They frequently draw favorable comparisons to the aforementioned Avetts and Zippers, yet they manage to create something entirely different. Their catchy, upbeat music comprises a keyboard, banjo, trombone, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, and somehow HGTR makes it work.

All of the band’s members are skilled musicians and electrifying performers, and each one—there are six of them, mind you—found a way to kick and bounce about The Pour House’s tiny stage without disturbing each other or fans’ PBR cans that cluttered the front of the stage. These guys know how to put on a fantastic show. Each song had an energy all its own, and many included crowd sing-alongs. I don’t know what drives HGTR to throw themselves so thoroughly into their live performances, but it makes for awesome entertainment. There are grand things on the horizon for this band.

Fortunately, if you missed this excellent evening, you can catch both bands at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival later this month. If you can’t make it then, have no fear: both bands visit the area on a fairly regular basis…though I don’t recommend making the mistake of skipping out on a Holy Ghost Tent Revival show again.

(Photos and review by Allison H)

Sol Driven Train

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aburtch said...

Sol Driven Train is and awesome band. I've seen them many times and they never disappoint.