Monday, April 12, 2010

Album Review: Shark Speed - Education EP

Last Tuesday marked the digital arrival of a new EP, Education, from Provo, UT band Shark Speed. Though the band often attracts comparisons to indie band Minus the Bear, their sound is closer to that of local favorite I Was Totally Destroying It. With Education, the trio sounds more like IWTDI's kid sibling who, despite his best efforts, just can't be as cool as his big brother.

They make a good effort with this short yet solid block of pop tunes, but it's not anything daring or different. All of the songs fit together well; Education is clearly beyond a jumble of songs that got cut from their most recent album Sea Sick Songs, which the band released themselves last year.

However after you listen to the EP a few times, the four tracks begin to sound the same. The songs form a quick set that you might put on while you're engaged in another pursuit rather than something actually to listen to. That being said, Education still isn't all that bad. Overall, it's an upbeat, catchy EP that is sure to sound better when it's played loudly in your car with the windows down. And just as a word of warning: you may very well end up having "Ill-Fate Incarnate" stuck in your head for the rest of the day without your understanding why.

No word yet on when Shark Speed intends to put out their next full-length, but Education and Sea Sick Music (which is currently available through Shark Speed's website) are both available through iTunes.

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