Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jay Sean, Flogging Molly & more coming to Duke

UNC has already lined up an awesome line-up for it's last day of classes party and Duke has a big party planned to, but is far more mainstream, as it tends to be (past headliners have included Ben Folds, The Roots and Kanye West).

This year Jay Sean will headline the big event on April 28 and I have to admit his hit song "Down" is damn catchy. Other performers will include Flogging Molly, Rooney and Big D & the Kids Table. There will be daytime sets too, but those haven't been announced yet.

The event is not technically open to the public, but the event is held in the very open main quad near the Bryan Center on Duke's west campus. In past years, I've never been asked for an ID. Here's the official policy.
Students are required to carry their DukeCards with them at all times and may be asked to present it to demonstrated they are a Duke student. Due to safety concerns, the event is not open to the public. Non-Duke affiliates (excludes faculty and staff) will not be allowed on campus.
So essentially, if you don't do anything stupid to draw attention to yourself, you should be fine, but you've been warned.

Check out a few photos and a review of Ben Folds' LDOC set at Duke last year here.

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Anonymous said...

Security at Duke was tight. Too tight. I'm a non-student who was supposed to be on the guest list for Flogging Molly and the security guys were jerks. Even with someone from the band telling them I'm a friend and should be allowed back stage, security goons declined. The wives & girlfriends of the performers couldn't even get back there. It even took some doing just to get me a wrist band to get admitted to the show. Getting on to campus was an adventure, too.