Thursday, August 26, 2010

Triangle Music's recommended Hopscotch Festival sets

After spending quite a bit of time digging through songs by each artist playing the clubs during the Hopscotch Festival in downtown Raleigh on Sept. 9-11, we've made our own version of the schedule with our recommended sets to catch.

There are some overlaps, especially on Friday, since 9th Wonder's big party at Lincoln Theatre and Saturday, since Megafaun's "A Seamless Night of Sound" event at Kings are both all night events. Also, we this is recommendations just for the club shows, and we highly recommend you check out part or all of the big City Plaza shows on Friday (Broken Social Scene, Panda Bear and The Rosebuds) and Saturday (Public Enemy, No Age and The Love Language).

Download a PDF of our customized schedule HERE. The recommended shows are in yellow.


Anonymous said...

don't sleep on the berkley friday and saturday if you like something a bit heavier.

Amanda said...

I'm all over Friday night at the Berkeley.
I keep forgetting Best Coast is at this thing. Can't wait!