Monday, August 30, 2010

Album Review: Darien - Theorem

Inspired by the extremes of deep sea and deep space on her debut EP, Theorum, singer-songwriter Darien Crossley finds a happy medium, shining on Theorem with an acoustic guitar and a cool indie-rock feel.

The entire EP flows well, the only low point coming about two thirds of the way through "Marianas Trench" (if you'll excuse the pun). There's a weird change in the rhythm section that interrupts an already solid beat with a noise that makes it seem like the song is skipping.

"Theorem" brings the EP to a nice close with its soft vocals and warm harmonies. It's a soft, pretty number that is slightly more toned down than the other songs in the collection.

Theorem is especially good when you find out that Darien isn't another twentysomething trying to make it big. She's a junior in high school. It seems like most aspiring musicians her age are still messing around in their parents' basements or garages, but not Darien. She handles herself with incredible grace, her music significantly more mature than her age might suggest.

Darien plays Raleigh's Tir na nOg on Thursday, September 2. Theorem is available now on Alive and Well Records and a full-length is currently in the works.

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