Thursday, August 05, 2010

Merge Records signs Mountain Goats, releasing new Extra Lens album

Merge Records has added another new artist to their roster. The Mountain Goats have joined the label's roster, but really they seem to have signed John Darielle, since his first Merge release will be a new album from The Extra Lens (formerly known as The Extra Glenns), his group with Franklin Bruno.

Thew album from The Extra Lens, titled Undercard will be released on Oct. 19. The album was recorded with Brian Paulson at the Rubber Room in Carrboro and with Mitch Rackin at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn.

Check out the full track list of Undercard below and download the track "Only Existing Footage."

The Extra Lens are planning to tour this fall. We'll keep you posted on the details once they're available. Mountain Goats will perform at the Music For Fences benefit at Durham Central Park on Saturday, Aug. 28 with The Countdown Quartet and Birds and Arrows. Tickets are available here for $12.

The Extra Lens - "Only Existing Footage" (mp3)

Undercard track list
1. Adultery
2. Crusierweights
3. Only Existing Footage
4. Communicating Doors
5. Programmed Cell Death
6. How I Left the Ministry
7. Some Other Way
8. Ambivalent Landscape Z
9. In Germany Before the War
10. Tug on the Line
11. Rockin’ Rockin’ Twilight of the Gods
12. Dogs of Clinic 17

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