Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New XX Merge video: The Rosebuds - "Leaves Do Fall"

The Converse, XX Merge video series ends today with a the performance we've been waiting for from The Rosebuds. Not surprisingly, the guerrilla footage shot at Jackpot in Raleigh back in July didn't make it online. It was so dark in there, I can't imagine much of the footage was usable. But they did film this performance of "Leaves Do Fall" at Raleigh Denim on the same day. Check it out here.

The Rosebuds are currently on tour in Europe with Telekinesis through the end of October. Check out a video Telekinesis' Michael Lerner performing the ELO song "Can't Get You It of My Head" in Dublin after the break. You can very clearly hear Ivan Howard singing backing vocals while filming the performance. It seems like they're having fun on tour.

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