Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Was Totally Destroying It play stripped down set at Schoolkids

I Was Totally Destroying It dropped by Schoolkids Records in Raleigh on Tuesday to celebrate the release of their new album Horror Vacui. Instead of the typical short in-store set, the band played a full hour of music from all three of their releases (check out the full set list below).

The stripped down set was similar to their performance at the early voting for Obama event in Chapel Hill November (see photos here). These performances seem to let the songwriting shine since there are no ear blistering guitar and drums.

About 25 people show up for the show and a few people who wandered in after it started stuck around for the set. The band definitely moved a few records. The only downside was the excessive banter and jokes that tended to fall flat on the crowd. I really don't need to know about James Hepler's penis.

I Was Totally Destroying It will now hit the road for a Midwest tour that will wrap on October 29 with a show in Raleigh at Tir Na Nog. They will also play the Troika Festival on November 6, Lincoln Theatre on November 19 and The Pour House on November 20.

Set list:
Sugar-Coated Lullaby
Negative Agents
Cup of Tea
The Ocean
My Favorite Haunt
Turn My Grave
Truth Is Tricky
The Longest Night
Radar Song
Come Out, Come Out
The Background


Hepstyle said...

Yeah, well you didn't have to sit on a percussive box that constituted a testicular crushing version of russian roulette either, did you? :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the banter and jokes. It helps me to get to know the band members. It's just that in that small of a room no one in the crowd wants to make any noise. Keep it up, guys!