Thursday, October 01, 2009

Album Review: Drummer - Feel Good Together

On a snowy afternoon in early 2009, Ohio-based Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney gathered his friends, who also happened to be drummers from Ohio, and – go figure – formed a band called Drummer. Carney plays bass and Jamie Stillman of Teeth of Hydra (guitar), Jon Finley of Beaten Awake (vocals, guitar), Stephen Clements of Houseguest and Six Parts Seven (keys, vocals) and Greg Boyd of Ghostman and Sandman (drums) complete the lineup.

There are some decent rhythms and guitar licks – see "Serious Encounters" – and the vocals have a comforting everyman quality to them, but most of these tracks I wouldn't be able to pick out of the rotation on a typical generic rock station. Some synth is brought to the forefront to break up the sound, but most of it just drives me crazy, particularly the opening to "Buddyscapes."

Feel Good Together was created with simple themes in mind: to have some fun and kill some time. The album is pretty good at killing time, but the fun is rarely transferred. There is one notable exception: "Good Golly," with its carefree intro and exuberant vocals, is a giant exhalation and the sound of a band, and maybe an entire state, letting go of their troubles. Every time it comes on, my posture straightens and for three minutes and 29 seconds the world can't get me down.

Drummer will play with The Royal Bangs at Local 506 in Chapel Hill on Wednesday, October 14. Tickets are $10.

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