Monday, June 01, 2009

Bombadil cancel upcoming shows for health reasons

Sad news from the local lads in Bombadil today. They have had to cancel all of their upcoming shows due to worsening tendonitis Daniel Michalak's hand. In a statement released on the band's website, they said "Things have gotten progressively worse and have reached a point where he cannot brush his teeth without feeling pain, much less perform with the rest of the band."

The band also said that some doctors have said a 3-month break will suffice while others have said it could take two years. In other words, the length of the touring hiatus is undetermined.

The cancellations include the band's album release show at the Cat's Cradle on July 10. Their new album Tarpits and Canyonlands is still being released on July 7.

The band kept things positive though saying "We see this merely as a road bump on the long road that is this band, and as soon as Daniel is able to perform music again, we'll be visiting a town near you."

Check out the complete statement here and send some good vibes their way for Daniel's speedy recovery.

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