Thursday, April 25, 2013

Annuals releases first new album in five years, 'Time Stamp'

Annuals were once the biggest buzz band in the Triangle who were garnering national attention from blogs, magazines and even late night talk shows. But after the release of their last last album, 2008's Such Fun and the subsequent touring for that album, Annuals sort of disappeared for a while. They released the 2010 EP Sweet Sister and over the years would still play some shows here and there but activity was sporadic.

Well now they're back with a new album that's taken quite a while to make. It's titled Time Stamp and the band have released it digitally via Bandcamp for $8. In the text accompanying the release, the band says the don't know if the album is "a swan song, a comeback, or something else." Whatever it's the beginning of a new era or the end of the line, stream all eleven tracks that make up the album below.

There's no word on any release shows yet but if the band announces anything, we'll let you know.

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chmrbs24 said...

Their best album yet... let's hope Annuals get the support their hard work deserves.