Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Album Review: Kopecky Family Band - Kids Raising Kids

Kids Raising Kids may be the Kopecky Family Band's first full-length record, but the Nashville collective sounds like experienced professionals on its debut.

The album opens with the robust "Wandering Eyes.” It’s a song that highlights the strengths and appeals of the band: percussive grooves, shout-along choruses, and smooth transitions between styles.

The Kopecky Family Band is hard to classify. There’s plenty of rock, pop, and country influence, but the group rarely lets one style dominate for long. “Heartbeat,” the records bouncy second track, sounds like some amalgam of Arcade Fire and The Love Language with its mix of orchestral rock and sunny pop.

“My Way” is proof positive of the band’s skill at transitions. The song begins as a smoky solo torch song for singer Kelsey Kopecky, but interjections of fast, heavy drums and horns eventually turn the song into rowdy anthem.

While the first half of Kids Raising Kids is solid, the album loses steam on the back half. The tempos are slower and the songs more conventional. The low point comes with “She Is The One” which sounds like post-grunge leftovers.

The Kopecky Family Band spent a lot of time honing its sound on the road and that hard work can be heard on Kids Raising Kids.

Kids Raising Kids is out now on ATO records.

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