Friday, April 19, 2013

Bob Mould rips through Sugar, Hüsker Dü & solo tunes at Cat's Cradle

All photos by Kevin Norris
Veteran indie rocker Bob Mould and his band rolled into the Cat's Cradle last night to treat fans to a set that heavily featured songs from his past bands, Sugar and Hüsker Dü, as well as songs from his latest album, Silver Age.

The trio took the stage with a vengeance, playing at ear-splitting volume and started the evening with the first five songs from Sugar's 1992 debut album Copper Blue, in order. Mould may be 52 years old now, but he has the fire of a much younger performer. He paced around the stage and turned everything up to eleven as the crowd ate up classics like "Changes" and "Hoover Dam."

The next portion of the set was dedicated to Mould's new album Silver Age as they powered through "Star Machine," "The Descent," "Round the City Square" and "Steam of Hercules."

As the night pressed on, the was filled with Sugar and Hüsker Dü classics like "Your Favorite Thing," "Could You Be the One" and "Chartered Trips." Mould and the band plowed through songs with little pause in-between songs and within an hour, they had already played at least 15 songs.

The band quickly returned for an encore that included "Egøverride" and the always catchy "If I Can't Change Your Mind." After the band left the stage once again, they returned quickly for another three-song encore featuring the Hüsker Dü songs "Flip Your Wig, "Hate Paper Doll" and "Makes No Sense At All."

As the band called it a night and left the stage, the crowd was left throughly rocked and those not fortunate enough to have ear protection were left with some ringing that would last for at least a few hours (including myself). It was certainly worth it.

Raleigh punk band and Merge labelmates Barren Girls opened the show with a brief set of songs their debut EP Hell Hymns as well as a few other as-of-yet unreleased songs. The band certainly looked the part, decked out in black, with tons of tattoos and attitude to boot. They are certainly a band worth keeping an eye on in the Triangle.


Anonymous said...

For Bob Mould rockin' it means playing with your eye glasses fogged up for 80% of the gig.

Anonymous said...

And let's hear for Jon Wurster's drum assault!

M.I. said...

The show rocked. A really tight set by Bob and his band.