Thursday, October 06, 2011

WKNC celebrating 45th birthday with Stu McLamb, Lonnie Walker & more

The undisputed king of college radio stations in the Triangle, NC State's WKNC, is celebrating it's 45th birthday this year. To mark the occasion, there will be a big free show at Kings in Raleigh on Friday, October 14.

The show will feature Stu McLamb (of The Love Language), Lonnie Walker and Juan Huevos as well as a dance party to close the night featuring Hidden Cat.

McLamb's set will be all cover songs and the Kings' show listing is encouraging people to request songs, though it's not clear how you're supposed to do that. You could try leaving a message on Stu's Facebook Wall.

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You can post a request for Stu on the Facebook event wall: