Monday, October 24, 2011

Wild Flag & Eleanor Friedberger cause a frenzy at Cat's Cradle

All photos by Kevin Norris
Female indie supergroup Wild Flag made their way back to the Triangle Friday night, this time with their self-titled debut album in tow. They played to a large crowd at the Cat's Cradle, ripping through their set with infectious energy.

They came out of the gate swinging with "Boom" and did not let up throughout the night. The two frontwomen each filled the roles of rock stars in their own way. Carrie Brownstein had a hip swagger while Mary Timony was more physical, dropping to her knees and even laying on the stage once while playing.

Since the band only have one album's worth of material, they extended a few song with extending jams which were were fairly effective. They also played a new song which fit right in with the rest of the set.

The band returned for a two-song encore, including a cover of the Ramones version of the Bobby Freeman penned classic "Do You Wanna Dance?" with opening act and labelmate Eleanor Friedberger.

Wild Flag is a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully they'll be back soon with another new release.

As previously mentioned, Eleanor Friedberger and her band opened the show. She rolled through a groove-laden set of songs from her own self-titled debut. The band was tight and Friedberger led them well with her sharp, attitude filled vocals.

There was a funny moment in the middle of the set as Friedberger forgot the opening lyrics of "Roosevelt Island." She left the band to jam for a while as she struggled to remember them and was eventually led in the right direction by her guitarist.

Wild Flag

Eleanor Friedberger

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