Monday, October 03, 2011

Will Hoge marks album release with set at Lincoln Theatre

All photos by Valerie Marino
Will Hoge played his first-ever headlining set at Lincoln Theatre Saturday night as he celebrated his latest album, the aptly-titled Number Seven, which was released last Tuesday.

While Hoge had played the venue many times before as an opening act, he owned the stage that night with a career-spanning 24-song set that showcased his talents not only as a phenomenal songwriter, but as a superbly charismatic performer.

It’s clear that there are no tricks up Hoge’s sleeves on stage aside from an arsenal of solid songs and talented players, but Hoge did take the opportunity, as he often does, to show off his vocal power as he stepped off mic for a verse of “Dirty Little War.” It’s a move that never gets old, and fans were quick to cheer as Hoge’s voice filled the cavernous venue.

It’s hard to say what the fan favorites of the night might have been. While older songs like “Ms. Williams” or “All Night Long” got fans dancing, plenty of others were already singing along to “Fool’s Gonna Fly” and “No Man’s Land” from his new release.

While he wasn’t especially chatty between songs, Hoge did fill fans in on the story behind “No Man’s Land,” which he says was inspired by a night spent sleeping on the sofa after “taking a stand” at home.

“Men and women communicate differently,” he said. “We use words and you use different words. We use logic and you use…different logic.” He then warned anyone who might be recording that they were going to get him in trouble at home. Sorry, Will.

Raleigh native turned Nashvillian James Dunn opened the show with his own blend of rock ‘n roll. Dunn’s latest album, The Bed We Made, was released last summer and has picked up steam this year as his music was featured on shows like NBC’s Parenthood and others.

Will Hoge Set List
Too Old To Die Young
Sex, Lies and Money
The Illegal Line
Secondhand Heart
Highway Wings
Washed By The Water
Someone Else’s Baby
When I Can Afford to Lose
Trying To Be A Man
Ms. Williams
Fool’s Gonna Fly
Hey Tonight
Long Gone
Silver Chain
Dirty Little War
Silver or Gold
Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Just Like Me
No Man’s Land
Favorite Waste Of Time
Goddamn California
All Night Long
Pocket Full Of Change
The Highway’s Home

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