Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stars shine at the Cat's Cradle, play new songs

All photos by Kevin Norris
Canadian indie pop band Stars rolled into Cat's Cradle in Carrboro on Wednesday on their way down to Florida for the DeLuna Festival.

The band rocked a set heavy on songs from the band's most recent album The Five Ghosts and also hit a healthy number of tunes from their previous two albums, In Our Bedroom After the War and Set Yourself on Fire.

The band played a pair of new songs for the crowd which could be on the band's next album, which frontman Torqil Campbell said is in the works "despite better logic and reason." One of the songs is beautiful and mellow with a great melody and the other is an upbeat pop song. Both are a good sign for the direction of new album.

As the band have been known to do, they tossed flowers out at various points during the show, but many times they didn't seem to realize that they were getting stuck in the rafters.

The band sounded great but did seem a bit rusty at times, which isn't surprising since they've not been on the road with regularity since late 2010. Classics like "Reunion," "Calendar Girl" and the oddly timed "Window Bird" all sounded fantastic. The crowd sang the lyrics loudly, especially on the older tunes.

The band closed with the energetic pop song "Elevator Love Song," which was also the only show in the set from the 2003 album Heart. Campbell noted during the show that they love the Cat's Cradle and will keep coming back to the venue until they're dead.

Set list
The Passenger
Take Me to the Riot
Wasted Daylight
Set Yourself on Fire
(new song)
Dead Hearts
Ageless Beauty
Soft Revolution
(new song)
Your Ex-Lover is Dead
Window Bird
We Don't Want Your Body
How Much More
Calendar Girl
One More Night
Bitches in Tokyo
Genova Heights
Elevator Love Letter

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