Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Energy & Wye Oak wait out rain, play Deja Fest

All photos by Kevin Norris
Rain may have thrown the schedule a bit out of whack during Saturday's Deja Fest in Raleigh, but both Free Energy and Wye Oak each still performed outside the Lincoln Theatre.

Philly's Free Energy blasted out a short set of infectious power pop. While most of the set was from the band's James Murphy produced debut album Stuck on Nothing, they showed off a new tune as well. The song is called "Hangin'" and will be released as a single in late summer according to the band.

The biggest highlight of the set is the blistering singnature song "Free Energy," which kicks off with the loud clunk of a cowbell. Free Energy's simple yet smart power pop is classic and exuding youthful energy, especially from frontman Paul Sprangers who was all smiles during the set.

The Maryland duo Wye Oak hit the stage next, fresh off a performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon earlier in the week. The song they played for Fallon, "Holy Holy," was a highlight of their Raleigh set and one of the band's best songs to date.

Like Free Energy, Wye Oak took the opportunity to play a new song as well. I didn't catch the title, but someone on YouTube says it's titled "Pardon" (check it out HERE). Though the set was quite short, the crowd continued to grow as they played and they seemed to win over the crowd.

Free Energy

Wye Oak

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