Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Rosebuds strip down 'Loud Planes' at Schoolkids

All photos by Kevin Norris
The Rosebuds stopped by Schoolkids Records early Tuesday evening to celebrate the release of their brand new, deeply personal album Loud Planes Fly Low (check out our review of the album HERE).

The band performed as a quartet, with Daniel Hart (of Physics of Meaning and St. Vincent) on violin and Logan Matheny (of Roman Candle) on drums. The band is still ironing out the new songs, but they sounded great, especially with the addition of the violin, which utilizes a variety of pedals to replicate the larger string section on the album.

Ivan and Kelly were in good spirits though they claimed to be nervous, joking with the crowd which included a number of friends from the local music scene, including Thad Cockrell and B.J. Burton.

The melancholy new tunes have more oomph live, expanding on the lush sounds of the recordings. Kelly sounded great on danceable "Come With Me."

Ivan seemed deeply incredibly emotional performing "Without a Focus," the most stark, personal song from the album. He even stopped the song during the first verse and asked a few people in the front to stop talking because it was distracting. The song sounded phenomenal, and once it ended, Ivan's face was flushed as he held back tears.

"Cover Ears" made for a fantastic closer and is not only one of the best songs from the new album, but is a new live favorite.

Simply put, the new Rosebuds songs sound great live, and you should check them out a Kings in downtown Raleigh on Saturday, June 11.

Set list
Go Ahead
Limitless Arms
Second Bird of Paradise
Come Visit Me
Without a Focus
Cover Ears

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