Friday, December 31, 2010

Video: The Avett Brothers, Bombadil & The Low Anthem at Cat's Cradle

Photo by Allison Hussey
We've got one more post about the Avett Brothers to close out the year. I've said it before a number of times and I'll say it again, I love YouTube. I've put together a series of videos which hit the site over the last few days which covers most of the Avetts set from the Cat's Cradle Wednesday night. The videos below are in the order of set list, which you can see at our review HERE.

Also, below all the Avett videos, there are two videos of Bombadil, "Honeymoon" and a new song which the YouTube user has dubbed "Awkward." There is also two videos of The Low Anthem, "To the Ghosts Who Write History Books" and "Home I'll Never Be."

Also, for all you hardcore Avett fans who also happen to have Sirius XM satellite radio, the band's New Year's Eve concert tonight from Asheville will be broadcast on Sirius channel 18 or XM channel 45. So rock out with the band from wherever as you ring in the new year.



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