Monday, December 06, 2010

Album Review: Jesse Payne - Nesting

On his fourth album, Nesting, Jesse Payne sounds like he wants to cozy up to and spend a little one-on-one time with his listeners.

Nesting is full of warm and gentle rock often composed of several layers. Multiple vocal lines intertwine frequently and give the songs a rich sound.

The vocals are used in an instrumental fashion and blended into the mix thus the lyrics take a backseat. Half of them are difficult to decipher.

The music not only tries to convey the idea of nesting, but it also encourages it. The subtle changes in rhythm and the quiet, slightly slurred vocal delivery require close listening. Those who settle into a quiet, comfortable spot with a pair of headphones will find that Payne has captured the feeling well.

The album can be too subtle at times. Things teeter on boring because of the lack of variety; however, the perfect placement the sparse “Wes Anderson” adds some diversity when it’s needed most. At just over 30 minutes, Nesting also avoids descending into tedium by being very brief.

There is little to complain about during its eight tracks, but after its over, Nesting doesn’t leave the listener wanting more. The album imitates the feeling of nesting and may even provoke the act of nesting, but it doesn’t help the listener understand the concept or say anything substantive about it which is why Nesting may be enjoyable, but not all that interesting.

Nesting is available now via Capture Music.

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