Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New music from Ryan Adams - "Destroyers" & "The Blue Canoe"

Ryan Adams unleashed his two-disc collection of out-takes from the Easy Tiger sessions today, December 14, titled III/IV. The album features 21 tracks from that era.

He's released two songs for free that are not on the new release, "Destroyers" and "The Blue Canoe." Download both of those tracks below.

Pre-order copies of the CD and vinyl versions of the new release sold out quickly from Adams' online store, but they are supposed to be re-stocked soon. The album is available on iTunes and other online retailers as well.

Hopefully, even though these are archival tunes, Adams will return with some new music in the near future. I certainly miss his incredible output which generally hit the mark more times than it missed.

Ryan Adams - "Destroyers" (zip of wav)
Ryan Adams - "The Blue Canoe" (zip of mp3)

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