Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday mp3: The Love Language - "Gsus" (demo)

It's Christmas Eve, but it's certainly not too late for another holiday song, especially when it's a groovy little tune from The Love Language. According to a post on the band's blog, Stu and BJ Burton both wrote and recorded a full demo of the song "Gsus" on Wednesday and Thursday.

The rest of the band is not on the track, but there are some voicemail messages featuring their voices during the last half of the track. The last voice heard is the band's manager Geoffrey Sawyer.

Download the track below and have a groovy holiday.

The Love Language - "Gsus" (demo) (mp3)


Jeseven said...

jesus! is that a Gsus chord?

Anonymous said...

The bassline is a Gsus the whole time. Hahahaha