Monday, July 19, 2010

The Love Language dazzle sold out Cat's Cradle crowd

Saturday night belonged to The Love Language. Celebrating the release of their sophomore album Libraries, released on Tuesday, the band took the Cat's Cradle stage in front of a sold out crowd and played the show of their lives (so far).

Stu opened with a quick thank you to everyone who has supported the band over the past couple years and launched into a quick solo cover of The Zombies' "This Will Be Our Year," leading directly into "Horophones" and a non-stop barrage of sweet pop tunes.

The band were joined by two cellists and a violinist from Lost in the Trees for the song "Summer Dust," which propelled the song to soaring highs. They then tore through the dance-tastic tune "Heart To Tell."

Later in the set, some other Lost in the Trees members popped up during the soaring dynamic song "Wilmont," closing it out adding a little tuba, trumpet and trombone. When the time came in for "This Song," the closing song of Libraries which is swaying, easy going tune on the album, the band stepped up the energy, playing a fast and dirty version of the song.

Stu stepped to the front of the stage to lead the crowd in a sing-along of the intro to "Manteo," which the crowd delivered in full force, before stepping back for the band to join in. This is a highlight of most Love Language shows, but the energy the poured forth from the crowd Saturday night will not soon be matched.

During the encore, the strings returned to perform on the opening track from Libraries, "Pedals." It was an epic performance and should certainly remain towards the end of future Love Language sets. The night ended with another monstrous wall of sound that was "This Blood is Our Own."

The Love Language put on an epic performance, sounding better than ever, and crafted a solid set list that flowed incredibly well from beginning to end. They're about to take the world by storm, and the Triangle will certainly be able to say that they were there to witness a huge step in the band's coming rise to fame.

Stepping back in time a bit, local punk rock band Shit Horse took the stage first with super-hyper Danny Magic bounding around the stage on lead vocals. It was quite a sight to see and quite entertaining. During the last song of the set, the band was joined by a shirtless woman with pasties on her breasts swinging a plastic machine gun and wearing a horse mask. I hear she joined the band at the start of the set too, but I missed the first few songs. It was certainly one of the oddest things I've seen on a stage.

Next came The Light Pines, which features three former Love Language members, including frontman Josh Pope. The band tore through a incredibly tight set set of bass-driven, moody pop tunes. Songs like "The Healers" and "White Forrest" are incredible. They are another phenomenal up and coming band in the Triangle. Be sure to check them out.

The Love Language set list
This Will Be Our Year
Summer Dust
Heart to Tell
Blue Angel
This Room
Brittany's Back
This Blood is Our Own

[all photos by Kevin Norris]

The Love Language

The Light Pines

Shit Horse

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