Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chatham County Line & Zeke Hutchins tear it up at Sadlack's Heroes

A sizable crowd including a few dogs came out for an afternoon show at Sadlack's in Raleigh today (July 13) in celebration of the release of their new album Wildwood, which you've heard us mention a lot lately.

The band played completely unamplified and were joined by drummer Zeke Hutchins on snare drum and various other percussion. Hutchins played drums the excellent drums you're hearing on Wildwood too.

The guys played an amazing ten-song set, including the Wildwood tunes "Honeymoon" and "End of the Line" that didn't make it into Saturday night's Cradle show. Their fantastic cover of Lucinda Williams' "I Lost It" popped up again capping the set before they were summoned back for an encore.

At one point, Dave Wilson asked the rest of the band if they remembered how nervous they used to be when they had a show scheduled at Sadlack's. Those nerves are certainly not evident anymore.

Chatham County Line will perform at the Fletcher Opera Theater in Raleigh on Friday, Aug. 20 with Jill Andrews. Tickets go on sale Friday, July 15 at 10 a.m. here for $21.

Chatham County Line set list
Ghost of Woody Guthrie
Ringing In My Ears
Crop Comes In
Out of the Running
Saturdays & Sundays
I Got Worry
I Lost It
End of the Line


aburtch said...

Chatham County Line ROCKS! I love the new album.

Anonymous said...

Great show yesterday! The new record is their best yet!