Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Album Review: Crowded House - Intriguer

Crowded House show no signs of slowing since they decided to reform in late 2006. They're back with their sixth album, the second since reuniting, titled Intriguer.

The album is nothing less than what one would expect from Neil Finn. The songs shine with his complex, catchy melodies and the band brings them to life with dense, carefully structured arrangements.

Things get started with the explosive single "Saturday Sun." The intricate layers of "Falling Dove" move from a soft simple tune to an overdriven jaunt, reminiscent of solo McCartney. "Twice If You're Lucky" digs back into that classic, anthem-esque Crowded House sound, with a bright melody and a gigantic chorus.

Intriguer is truly a band album and the songs really pop. Some of the songs were played on tour before being committed to tape and that live energy was captured on the album. Their previous album Time On Earth started as a Neil Finn solo album and evolved into a Crowded House album.

With Intriguer, Crowded House solidify their place in the world of modern music and not just another turn of the century reunion band. The album is solid from beginning to end and sounds fresh. Listen and enjoy.

Intriguer is out today, July 13, via Fantasy Records.

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