Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Album Review: Keegan DeWitt - Nothing Shows

Keegan DeWitt, film composer and former touring member of Roman Candle, is following up his official debut record with the seven song EP, Nothing Shows. Written during his last tour, the EP captures a variety of different sounds, but really excels when DeWitt taps into his film scoring talents.

The centerpiece of the record is "Michel Bizot," a duet with Madi Diaz. From the violins to the melody, the song harkens back to a classic romantic cinema sound. It's gorgeous from beginning to end and doesn't feel in any way contrived. It'll bring back memories of your favorite romantic movie scenes.

While "Michel Bizot" expresses romance, other songs on the EP capture different aspects of a cinematic relationship almost as well. "More of You" would work well in a first date scene and "Tired of Love" is a perfect theme for the weary couple that have accepted they can't make it work. The way these songs activate the imagination make them a fun listen.

A few songs on the album don't engage the imagination as much. "Say La La" is a light and joyful jam with African-inspired rhythms, but doesn't hook the listener. "Hearts Beat Louder" is straight forward and lacks variation in the dynamics making it feel rigid.

Nothing Shows combines classic film scoring with solid pop writing to create a good core of songs that light up the imagination and memory banks.

Nothing Shows will be available on July 13 exclusively through Daytrotter.


Zeb said...

I want to listen to it! :)

Anonymous said...

Check out the new music video for Keegan DeWitt's "Hearts Beat Loud" here!