Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kingsbury Manx bring dreamy rock to Duke Gardens

Another humid summer Wednesday evening brought another band to the lovely Duke Gardens in Durham. The Kingsbury Manx took the stage to share their dreamy music with a warm and attentive crowd.

The quartet played a set comprised mostly of mellow, spacey tunes accompanied by a cellist and violinist for a few songs at the beginning and end of the set. Occasionally, the distortion pedal was activated, adding some fuzzed out rock to proceedings, but for the most part, things remained mellow.

The started things off with "Over the Oeuvre" from their most recent album Ascenseur Ouvert! The set spanned their numerous releasing, even going back to their self-titled 2000 album for the song "Pageant Square."

Towards the end of the set, a group of young kids, three girls and one boy who declared "I'm gonna chase the girls!" before running off, gathered in front of the stage to dance and chase each other around, which seemed to fit the music rather well. The kids occasionally covered their ears due to the volume, and the crowd enjoyed the display.

The Kingsbury Manx played a good set, but it was a little sleepy at times when the mellow nature of the set mixed with the summer heat and humidity. It likely works a bit better it a dark, air conditioned club.

[all photos by Kevin Norris]

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Jake said...

One of my favorite record store finds ... when I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I stumbled on the Manx's "Been Passed Over" 7-inch at Criminal Records.

Totally snapped it up along with Osteoferocious's "OF" 7-inch and Twin Tigers's "Sexless Love" EP.