Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ryan Adams releases "metal" album on clear vinyl

The prolific songwriter Ryan Adams has been unleashing his version of metal songs on the internet for quite some time, but now you can own the music on vinyl if you want. The album, dubbed Orion, is available now at the Adams' online store for $24.99 and includes a digital download. As of now, there are no plans to release the music in any other format.

The swank album comes on clear vinyl and includes a double-sided 24x24 poster. The site says the album will be an extremely limited pressing and as of 6:30 a.m. on May 20, 2010, the album is already sold out, but maybe there will be more.

Check out the full track list below and stream the song "Electro Snake."

Orion track list:
1. Signal Fade
2. Imminent Galactic War
3. Disappyramid
4. Fire Away
5. Defenders of the Galaxy
6. Fire and Ice
7. By Force
8. Ghorgon, Master of War
9. Ariel
10. Electro Snake
11. Victims of the Ice Brigade
12. 2,000 Ships
13. End of Days

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