Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New music from Versus - "Invincible Hero"

New York band Versus are gearing up to release their first new album in ten years. The band came down to Carrboro last year to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Merge Records (check out photos and a review of their set here), who released their last album Hurrah in 2000 and will now release their brand new album On the Ones and Threes.

The album will be released on August 3 with the option of a single-disc CD with the album's ten songs or a double-LP vinyl featuring two bonus tracks and a different song sequence. Check out the two track lists below and download the amazing lead-off track "Invincible Hero."

Versus plan to hit the road in later this year. We'll keep you posted if they come our way.

Versus - "Invincible Hero" (mp3)

On the Ones and Threes track list (CD):
1. Invincible Hero
2. Nu Skin
3. Into Blue
4. Gone to Earth
5. Cicada
6. Erstwhile
7. Pink Valhalla
8. Saturday Saints
9. Scientists
10. The Ones and Threes

On the Ones and Threes track list (deluxe double-LP):
1. Death Ray
2. Invincible Hero
3. Erstwhile
4. Gone To Earth
5. Cicada
6. Into Blue
7. Saturday Saints
8. Scientists
9. Neither Nor
10. The Ones and Threes
11. Pink Valhalla
12. Nu Skin

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