Friday, August 21, 2009

The Love Language, Lost in the Trees rock a parking deck

The final concert of the Locally Grown series in Chapel Hill was presented by Local 506, and boy was it a doozy.

Lost in the Trees got the evening started with a beautiful set of their unique orchestral pop music. The set included songs from the band's debut EP Time Taunts Me as well as their LP All Alone in an Empty House. The band also played at least one new song from a new album they are working on. The band was fantastic as always and pleased the hundreds in attendance.

By the time The Love Language took the stage, the sun had set and the temperature had dropped, though the humidity was still awful. The band grooved right through their set though, sounding as tight as they every have. A nice addition during the set was Merge Records employee Spott on trumpet during a number of songs. It added an extra bit of umph to the tunes which was nice, considering the set was essentially the same as the Duke Gardens show last month.

The band finished their set with the raucous song "Lalita" before leaving the stage. People started leaving and an MC thanked everyone for coming, and then about ten minutes later the band came back for what Stuart McLamb called "the most awkward encore ever." They played their cover of "Hey Mary Lou" which officially ended the show.

Check out a video of the song "Providence" and "Two Rabbits" from the show here and here.

[all photos by Kevin Norris]

Lost in the Trees

The Love Language

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