Monday, September 09, 2013

Hopscotch 2013 Night 3: The Breeders, Spiritualized

Photos by Kevin Norris
On an absolutely gorgeous North Carolina day, The Breeders put to rest any concern that they might sound like a facsimile of their former selves.

Unlike Hopscotch alums Guided By Voices, The Breeders didn’t trudge through their 90s rock, they embraced it. The band enjoyed the idea of recreating Last Splash going as far as to even bring some of the original equipment they used in 1993 when they recorded the album.

Everybody knows “Cannonball,” but The Breeders sounded fierce on the lesser known songs and were certain to inspire some new fans. Kim Deal was engaging as a band leader and genuinely appreciative of the crowd and the opportunity to play.

In between the buzzing guitars and powerful vocals, there was a lot of love. It made for one of the best main stage shows in Hopscotch history. Also competing for one of the best headliners in festival history was Spiritualized.

J. Spaceman kicked things off right away with “Hey Jane” and seamlessly transitioned to one song after another to create an almost endless string of sound. The effect was a sonic journey that didn’t feel superfluous or unfocused. The music was consistently engaging and it was easy to lose track of time.

Unfortunately, the crowd thinned out considerably. It was probably the smallest audience for a City Plaza show since Panda Bear at the first Hopscotch. It’s a shame because no band on the planet does indie rock power ballads better than Spiritualized.

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