Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hopscotch 2013 Night 2: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, Big Daddy Kane, Waxahatchee

Photos by Kevin Norris
While tuning in the Fletcher Opera House, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper opened up the floor for questions which for one rude audience member was an invitation to loudly ask, “What do you look like naked?” It’s unfair that a wonderful musician would be reduced to a sexual object simply because she’s female and it’s unacceptable.

Lady Lamb was briefly taken aback, but quickly disarmed the situation. “That was inappropriate. Why are you here? Go see Local Natives.”

More powerful than her comeback was her voice. She was alone on stage with just her guitar, but she filled the stage all the same. It was an impressive performance considering all of the extra orchestration on her latest record, but it would have been to get the full experience. Hopefully she’ll come back for a future Hopscotch and a full band set.

After a late cancelation from Action Bronson, Big Daddy Kane was a last minute replacement, but he didn’t just phone in a performance. Kane appeared to be on a mission to save the day and turned in a super hero-level performance.

There were no frills, no pomp, and no arrogance in his performance. Kane went straight to work on stage at the Lincoln Theater. His rapping was just as dexterous as ever and his call and response sections had the entire audience joining in. Kane was soaking it all in and clearly thrilled to be on stage.

“Is hip-hop in the house?” he asked and yes, undeniably, hip-hop was in the house.

Back at the Kennedy Theater, Waxahatchee had a small crowd, but the atmosphere had completely shifted from earlier in the night. People were crowding the stage to get a good view of Katie Crutchfield and to feel her cutting lyrics.

Crutchfield’s voice is just as compelling live as it is on record. It has an edge that sends chills up one’s spine. This combined with a drum beat that felt as much as it was heard gave Waxahatchee a powerful sound.

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