Monday, September 09, 2013

Hopscotch 2013 Night 2: High Highs, Local Natives

Photos by Kevin Norris
After leaving City Plaza and finding out that Lady Lamb the Beekeeper's set had been pushed back an hour due to a sudden cancelation of Night Beds, I made my way to Memorial Auditorium to catch a bit of the Australian via New York band High Highs.

The trio was another act to benefit from the natural reverb of the big room as they filled it with the lush, dreamy pop sounds of their debut album Open Season. Frontman Jack Milas' vocals soared over a rich, shimmering guitar and a solid foundation of synths and drums. Check out photos from their set below.

After popping over to Fletcher to catch a bit of Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper (see photos with Justin's write-up HERE) I made my way back to Memorial Hall to find a large crowd awaiting Los Angeles indie stars Local Natives.

The band sounded fantastic as the tore through songs from their latest album Hummingbird as well their breakthrough debt Gorilla Manor. Much like the band that preceded them, the aforementioned High Highs, Local Natives also filled the big room with lush, melodic sounds but they brought it with more ferocity, driving percussion and showmanship. It's clear that the band have spent a large portion of the last five years on the road.

Check out photos from the set below and also a fantastic video of the band performing "Airplanes."

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